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Ep. 71- Where Should I Teach Music?

April 04, 2022 Eric Jimenez & Justin McLean Episode 71
The Score
Ep. 71- Where Should I Teach Music?
Show Notes

This week's episode addresses the biggest question music educators deal with throughout their careers. Where should I teach music? A question that can cause us to respond in many different ways. Eric and Justin discuss how they have been intentional about not letting that question push toward complacency—instead of being bold enough to go and lead in places that may not get the first look, they are places of joy and fulfillment. This week's episode will push you to consider your convictions and the purpose of why you do what you do. We hope you enjoy this episode and leave with a better view of where you need to be in the next season of teaching.
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"Peaches" Peaceful Melody & soave lofi- Eric
Johnny Taylor- Justin

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