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Ep. 88- Relationships Matter: Dr. Jack Eaddy

February 20, 2023 Eric Jimenez & Justin McLean Episode 88
The Score
Ep. 88- Relationships Matter: Dr. Jack Eaddy
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Eric and Justin get the chance to interview Dr. Jack Eaddy. Dr. Eaddy is the Director of Athletic Bands and the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band at Western Carolina University and has a similar mindset to both Eric and Justin. Dr. Eaddy is a stark believer of authentic relationships and that they are the foundation of any level of success for a band program. This week's episode gets into the nuts and bolts of real relationship building that help construct a program of respect , trust and partnership. Tune in and check out this week's episode. Enjoy and share!!!

In Rotation:
"La Formula" - Maluma & Marc Anthony- Eric
"21 Savage" - J. Monty- Justin
"Thundercat"- Jack

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