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Ep. 54- A Case for Humanity- Interview: Bolaji Isiba

March 15, 2021 Eric Jimenez & Justin McLean Episode 54
The Score
Ep. 54- A Case for Humanity- Interview: Bolaji Isiba
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Eric and Justin bring back a familiar voice and close friend on this weeks episode. Mr. Bolaji Isiba, who serves as the Director Bands at Lake Olympia Middle School in Fort Bend ISD, stops by to discuss and layout the foundation of what it means to be human for your students. Authenticity, vulnerability, transparency are usually words associated with what we do as music educators, which is where our guest picks up the pen. We dive deep into connecting with our community of young musicians in ways that may not be written in a score. Yet through becoming closer in proximity, we actually enhance the lives and musical programs we instruct. Please tune in and enjoy another installment of great content brought to you by The Score !!!

In Rotation:
Lake Street Dive- "Hypotheticals"- Eric
Gladys Knight- Justin McLean
Chance the Rapper "The Heart and the Tongue"- Bolaji

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